The Adjustment

Set in a small city in California, The Adjustment is a game with storytelling in focus.

The main character, Axel, is a normal teenager who is suddenly burdened with numerous responsibilities due to the passing of his mother. His bereaved father’s increasing instability makes Axel the one responsible for his family’s well-being. In the wake of this upheaval, Axel’s main struggle is to make the best of things.

The move to a new town is the beginning of this struggle, since it provides his family a chance to start a new life.

Where most tales have heroes, protagonists, or sci-fi elements, The Adjustment has none of these things. Instead, it is trying to tell a realistic, melancholic story about how a family is trying to adjust to a better life. The game, and the characters in it, evolve through player choices. The ending of the game is dependent on the choices made throughout the game.

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Coming in 2018